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BEMER therapy use of MS disease:


Bemer in Sclerosis Multiplex:

ECHO TV broadcast with Dr. Péter Duray:


Dr. Péter Duray broadcast at RTL Klub reggeli - Sclerosis multiplex:

Diagnosis broadcast at 2011 september 1 with Dr. Péter Duray:


Bemer - Improve microcirculation:

Improved microcirculation effect on Bemer therapy:


Dr. Klopp:

Immune system strengthening effect on Bemer therapy:


Microcirculation reconstruction effect on Bemer therapy:

 About BEMER therapy:


Dr. Klopp 1:

 Dr. Klopp 2:


White blood cells pass from bloodstream into tissue  effect on Bemer therapy:

Liver regeneration effect on BEMER therapy:


Vasomotio - improved vain flexibility effect on Bemer therapy: