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    I was born on 18th february 1972 in Orosháza. My undergraduate studies were between 1991-1997 - took place at the Szent- Györgyi Albert Medical University in Szeged, Faculty of Medicine, where I achieved basic medical degree summa cum laude. I became a student of health economics and management postgraduate programs within the leaf medical training at the University of Szeged Faculty of Economics between 1998-2001. I spent medical internship abroad in Germany, the Universität des Saarlandes cardio-thoracic vascular surgery department, Saarbrücken, within the framework of Tempus grant in 1997. After graduation, I worked in Hódmezõvásárhely at the Elizabeth Hospital, Department of Internal Medicine, then I moved to Orosháza City Hospital, Department of Internal Medicine and took an internal medicine specialized exam in 2002. In 2002 I came to the rheumatology and musculoskeletal rehabilitation department in Kakasszék. I took specialized exams of Rheumatology in 2005, Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation in 2007, Sports medicine in 2010. I was an assistant professor and institute director and Head of Department until 2010 in Kakasszék.

I used the Bemer therapy since 2005. At my consultations and in my private practices – in the Orosháza Bemer Therapy Center, in Kistelek, or in Budapest – and in the comfort of the patient's home is an opportunity to mobilize the therapy. My scientific activities, researches on Bemer therapy include "The impact of Bemer therapy for leg extension muscle strength in multiple sclerosis" has benn known since 2011, examining the effectiveness of therapy. I am working now as an internist, rheumatologyst, musculoskeletal rehabilitation specialist, a sports doctor and a Bemer therapist. My areas are the  internal medicine, as well as the locomotive, including rheumatic diseases, pre-and post-operative rehabilitation, including neurological rehabilitation stroke, multiple sclerosis, and sports injury treatment and rehabilitation .

Not only as a committed doctor, but as a private person and also a user of the system in order to lead a healthy lifestlye I would recommend a a natural and  physical substance  uniquely the bemer therapy system for yout microcirculation, for the oxygenation of your body on a cellular level.

 Dr. Duray Péter - Internal Medicine, Rheumatology, Musculoskeletal rehabilitation specialist, Sports Medicine, Bemer therapist, Health Economist